April 08, 2022

#8 - The Opportunity Fork

"Both options have merit, the right option is down to context."

When a new opportunity presents itself we are faced with a fork in the road.

On one side, we continue as we always have, commit to doing as we've done in the past, make some tweaks, but ultimately continue to deliver. Don't mess with what's working, it's working.

On the other, we have a chance to improve, to make something better or do it in a new way. Mess with what worked because it's worth improving.

Both options have merit, the right option is down to context.

It's possible that the added time in changing things is a cost that will bare little gain. Sometimes something that's working is everything it's meant to be.

It's also possible that the new opportunity is a sign that it's worthwhile investing in improvement, the payoff might not be today but it will ideally be down the track.

In the face of any opportunity, it pays to understand what's at the end of the long road of each fork; choose your path with the destination in mind.