April 07, 2022

#7 - Make Space, Not Time

"So four ourselves, what if we simply "made space" with more intention?"

Time is a construct. There's never enough of it. Yet we are simultaneously in an abundance of it.

It's our greatest resource and seemingly our greatest nemesis. When you see the number of how many hours the average human lives, it feels like nothing, yet at any given moment the future feels infinite.

We know the risks of looking at time from the wrong angle, and we know the traits of time that help us to move forward. How is it then, that so often time becomes the thing that stops us from doing what matters most?

Making time for something important is easy when the stakes are high. Perhaps it's easy because instead of scheduling in time, we create space; whatever it takes, we'll get it done.

So four ourselves, what if we simply "made space" with more intention?

These blogs have been born not because they're in the calendar, but because of a commitment, to make space daily for something that matters.

What could you create space for?