Musings ? at the intersection of creativity ✍️ entrepreneurship ? & building a future for all of us ♻️

#17 - The One Word That Really Matters
"The notion of "success" is a construct; it only exists because we decide what is a success and what is a failure."
A Decade Ago Today
"A decade on I is grateful for taking the leap, for backing myself, for navigating what has got to be one of the most challenging career pathways on the planet."
#16 - When Your Plans Pause
"When your plans pause, it pays to hit the reset button, reflect on what happened and refocus on the future."
#15 - In the Thick of It
"As always, balance is vital. But it may be worth questioning if you could benefit from more time spent in a different mode."
#14 - Scarcity is a Learning Moment
"We spend the majority of our lives surrounded by it in action, in varying forms. Yet how often do we pause and reflect and use it as a learning moment?"
#13 - When You're the Value Exchange
"How do we find this balance? Not an easy pathway and likely one that anyone delivering a service will ask for their entire career."
#12 - What's Worth the Effort to You?
"This is not to say that we put more effort in as our audience gets bigger, it must be more nuanced than this."
#11 - Only Answer What You Know
"We broaden our knowledge and skillsets so we can be more effective at our core craft, not so we undertake each one as a specialisation."
#10 - A Moment to Pause
"The most fascinating part, ten days in, is I just realised one of my biggest fears about this was facing days where 'I just don't feel like it'."
#9 - Optimised for Satisfaction
"Today, I'm reflecting on the value of different environments; what if my work was partially optimised by location?"
#8 - The Opportunity Fork
"Both options have merit, the right option is down to context."
#7 - Make Space, Not Time
"So four ourselves, what if we simply "made space" with more intention?"
#6 - What's It Really For?
"If everything is for growth, you'll likely have a hard time sustaining things. If everything is for yourself, how will you ever reach the people who would love your work?"
#5 - Something Interesting Happens
"When we commit to doing our craft in an area of our interest, it's not about whether we feel like it or even knowing the reward at the end..."
#4 - The Best Choice for Yesterday
"We are attempting to avoid a future situation in which we look back with regret, essentially fighting hindsight from the future."
#3 - A Case for Creating Daily
“We get to dance with more options than most, to try out new combinations; every day is an exploration.”
#2 - Make a List
"Before continuing in any direction, it pays to know what you're seeking at the end of the next road, with every detail you can see."
#1 - Seeing the Future
"Commit to the first step, and start doing it. Let the process shine a light on the next decision."